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Bjelovar, Croatia

The city centre, music pavilion made of Brac stone and the late Baroque Cathedral of St. Theresa of Avila. Source: index.hr


The city on the southern hill-side of Bilogora, at the edge of the Lonja-Ilova basin, was a Roman settlement that disappeared in the Middle Ages. Bjelovar was first mentioned in the 15th Century as a fair ground, and in the 17th Century there was only a sentry-belvedere for defense against the Turks. The new city was founded by the decision of Empress Maria Theresa in 1756 as the centre of Krizevci and Durdevac regiment. In the 19th Century Bjelovar became a free royal city. With over 40,000 inhabitants, it is a political, cultural and economic centre of Bjelovar-Bilogora County. It has a high school
Bjelovar, Croatia

Several days long tourist event Terezijana: the staging of the Empress Maria Theresa. Source: tzbbr.hr


and six vocational schools, a music school, an Open University and a Faculty of Economics, along with food, construction and metal industry. The music pavilion, Cathedral of St. Theresa of Avila and the Piarist monastery - currently the State Archives and the parish of the diocese, the military command and the cadet school - currently the City Administration, the Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, old City Hall - today the City Museum, Public Library, former synagogue - today the Culture House, High School building, "Hrvatski sokol" building with the handball court, officers' casino -
Bjelovar, Croatia

The tractors of the Bjelovar Tractor Factory Hittner at the Bjelovar Fair. Source: agroklub.com


today the Children's Reading Room, and the fountain "Return of Pannonian Whales" stand out. Some of the more significant events held in Bjelovar are: Crni macak (Black Cat) - the best rock achievements awards, International Percussion Ensemble Week (in January), the Beekeeping Fair (in February), Terezijana - Empress Maria Theresa memorial (in June), Bok-fest theatre festival, Kon-Tur - continental tourism exhibition (in September), the City of Bjelovar Day - 29th September, Doku-Art - documentary film festival (in October), Cheese Days (Bjelovar is also known as the "cheese city"), etc. The County offers a lot of sites to visit, such as the Daruvar Treatment Center, remains of the Cazma Kaptol, Bjelovar and Daruvar wine road and the remains of the Medeival City of Garic. One can find accommodation at the hotel Central, motel Dukat or in apartments and rooms. The locals offer accommodation in apartments located in Bjelovar and its surroundings. Sports clubs, restaurants, coffee shops and night clubs are also a part of the Bjelovar offer.

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