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Cakovec, Croatia

Fortified Zrinski Castle is the Medimurje Museum today, a must see for all tourists. Source: hotelkral.com


City of Cakovec is located in Medimurje and today's location of the city was the site of Aquama (the wet city) and a Roman military camp in the 1st Century. At the beginning of the 13th Century, Count Dimitrius Csaky erected the timber fortress named "Csak's Tower" after which the city was later named. Cakovec was first mentioned in the 14th Century. It changed numerous rulers, and in the 16th and the 17th Century it came in the possession of the Zrinski family. The Zrinski family built a lavish castle in the area. On 29 May 1579, Duke Juraj IV Zrinski granted privileges to the inhabitants of the
Cakovec, Croatia

The historical military unit Zrinski Guard from Cakovec as a part of various celebrations. Source: onecroatia.info


Cakovec fortress and its suburbs, giving the city a status of a free market town. To this day, the 29 May is celebrated as the Zrinski City Day. Today, Cakovec has over 27,000 inhabitants and is the administrative centre of Medimurje County, with highly developed textile, leather, food and metal industry. It is the regional education centre with its high school and vocational school, Faculty of Education and a College. When visiting Cakovec, other than the Zrinski Castle - today the Medimurje Museum, one should also see the statue of St. Jerome, the Monument to Nikola Zrinski of Cakovec, the Library
Cakovec, Croatia

Porcijunkulovo makes Cakovec come alive: booths, trades, good food, games, entertainment and the joy of children. Source: regionalni.com


with the Cultural Centre, the Hungarian Secession style Merchant Casino, a number of town houses dating back to the 18th and 19th Century and the Baroque Franciscan Monastery with Church of St. Nicholas. Among the numerous events, the following should be singled out: Medimurje fasnik (carnival), Porcijunkulovo - an annual festival of Our Lady of Angels - Porcijunkula (an annual fair with the cooking of large Medimurje soup, international old-timer's meet, archery competition, presentation of Medimurje wines, old trades workshop, the change of Zrinski guard, etc) and the cultural trademark show called Cakovec cetvrtkom (Cakovec Thursdays). The city has over 70 sports clubs, a sports centre with the soccer stadium, the shooting range, bowling hall and the bathing resort. In Medimurje, one should certainly visit: St. Martin's Spa, Medimurje wine trail with over 30 winemakers and Strigova, believed to be the birth place of St. Jeronim. Accommodation is available at Hotel Park, Hostel Stella and private rooms and apartments. Cakovec has several restaurants, pizzerias, pastry shops, coffee shops and night clubs.

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