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Dramalj, Croatia

The rows of apartments and houses with sea view, and Hotel Dramalj with the terrace "over the sea". Source: crv.itravelsoftware.com


Once a small fishermen's village - Dramalj developed into an important tourist resort at the end of the 19th Century, primarily thanks to the proximity of Rijeka and Crikvenica. In light of their tourist development, this village records over 4000 people during the summer, mostly tourists. Nearby Opatija has also had an impact on the tourism take-off in Dramalj. Dramalj used to be known as St. Helen, after the homonymous parish and the church that was built at the beginning of the 19th Century on the foundations of an old chapel. In the vicinity of the church there is the Culture Hall which hosted the
Dramalj, Croatia

Pebble, concrete and rocky beaches are full of swimmers in the summer. Source: croariva.com


public library in mid-20th Century. Vrtare Male Cave at Dramalj represents a valuable paleontological site. The cave has a depth of some 30 meters, but it unfortunately lacks the possibility for visitors to access it. Numerous fossil remains of animals, mammals and birds from the Pleistocene (Ice Age), and a rare type of white colored blind subterranean prawn were found in the cave. Dramalj extends from Crni mol, a quarter in the city of Crikvenica, to the peninsula Kacjak with the homonymous camp and the tourist resort with bungalows and apartments. Kacjak resort also has a sports centre,
Dramalj, Croatia

The rocky safe harbors in Dramalj are intended for tourists who want a more intimate ambiance. Source: kroati.de


a restaurant and a disco club. However, the most significant characteristic of Dramalj is the accommodation. Dramalj consists of streets and rows of newly built apartments, villas and vacation houses surrounded by Mediterranean pine trees. It also has the Hotel Riviera with the additional one hundred rooms by the sea. Clean beaches and mild climate represent the true wealth of this place. The more significant cultural and entertainment festivities are summer klapa nights, traditional fishermen's nights, bocce and tennis tournaments, and in the winter, during the carnival the Culture Hall becomes the center of cultural events. Dramalj has several restaurants, a post office and a seasonal medical office.

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