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Island of Krk

Island of Krk, Croatia

Krk bridge connects the Island of Krk to mainland, over the islet of St. Marko to Kraljevica. Source: apartmani-adriana-omisalj.com


Along with Cres, Island of Krk is the largest Adriatic island. It is located in Kvarner Bay and it is the northernmost island in the Mediterranean and is included in the sunniest parts of Europe. Other than roads, Krk also has many walking and biking trails that are 300km long. Klimno Cove is rich with healing mud that is used for healing arthritis and rheumatic pain. Small village of Jurandvor near Baska has become famous when Bascanska ploca (Baska Tablet) was discovered in the floor of the Early Romanic Church of St. Lucy. The inscribed stone slab is the oldest Glagolitic monument. Other
Island of Krk, Croatia

Town of Krk with the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary that has the tetragonal Frankopan fortress. Source: campsincroatia.com


than many cultural and historical sites, the Island of Krk is proud of its beaches that were awarded 14 Blue Flags, 6 of which have been awarded to the beaches in town of Krk and the others were awarded to beaches in Baska, Malinska, Njivice, Omisalj, Punat, Glavotok and Silo. Blue Flag is an eco-label that indicates high quality of service, clean sea and shore, and sustainable beaches. Town of Krk is the administrative, economic and religious centre of the island. The most familiar town motives are the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary and the Frankopan fortress. The 19th century library
Island of Krk, Croatia

Krk folklore festival, the oldest such festival in Croatia. Source: kulturistra.hr


in Vrbnik holds valuable missals and important books that include the famous Atlas scolasticus et itinerarius (there are only two copies, one in Vrbnika and the other in Cambridge, England). Vrbnik is known for vrbnicka zlahtina - a quality white wine that is made of an indigenous grape variety, zlahtina bijela (white zlahtina) that can only be grown in Krk vineyards, or to be more specific, in Vrbnik polje. Krk offers accommodation in hotels (Marina, Bor, Drazica, Kanajt, Park, Zvonimir, Pinia, Riu Blue Waves, Jadran, etc.), camps (Bor, Jezevac, Pusca, Njivice, Glavotok, Skrila, Zablace, Tiha, Slamni, etc.), naturist FKK camps (Konobe, Bunculuka) and private accommodation - apartments along the Island of Krk. Apartments are available by the sea, in stone houses, surrounded by groves, in rural setting, to apartments in villas with swimming pools. There are apartments for everyone.

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