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Island of Olib

Island of Olib, Croatia

Olib harbor (dock for boats from Losinj and Zadar) and the settlement of Olib with houses and apartments. Source: marinas.com


Olib is an island in the Zadar Archipelago, located east of Silba, on the border between Dalmatia and Kvarner. It was mentioned in the 10th century as Aloip, in a work by Konstantin Porfirogenet, and later it was mentioned as Luibo, Ulbo and finally Olib. Under the Venetian rule, from the 15th century, it was rented out to aristocrats from Zadar and its residents became serfs. Some hundred refugees fled to the island in 1409, lead by the priest Juraj of Cetina in their escape from Turks from the Cetina krajina. More significant cultural and historical sites include the Parish Church of the
Island of Olib, Croatia

Slatinica cove is located on the east side of the island and provides good shelter from short summer storms. Source: ijedrenje.com


Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary built in 1632, the rectory with approximately twenty Glagolitic corpuses from the 16th and the 19th century and a collection of antiques; at the entrance to the harbor there is a preserved 16th century Kastel tower that was erected for defense against the pirates, and Banjve Bay has the remains of a settlement from Roman times and ruins of the three-aisled Church of St. Paul and hermit's monastery that was torn down in 1200. Sinkhole Cukrov is a natural curiosity located near Kalac Peak (with its 74m, Olib is one of the lowest islands in the area of
Island of Olib, Croatia

East of Olib harbor, almost in the centre of the village, you can find the preserved and restored Kastel tower. Source: boriskacan.com


Zadar). On the west side of the island, in the largest bay that is also the only mooring place for larger crafts is where you will find the village of Olib. The village consists of old family houses, some of which have been renovated and turned into vacation houses, with the offer of apartments for tourists, making the accommodation and vacation on Olib truly authentic. The island is often visited by sailors, due to its numerous coves and sandy beaches. On the other, east side you will find Slatinica, a shallow bay and the prettiest beach on Olib, while to the south you can find solitary beaches. These are easiest to access by boat, but it is possible to access them by bike or on foot through several kilometers of field paths. Cars can come to the island but cannot be driven around the island. Each 15th of May, the island holds a party to celebrate the abolition of serfdom. Food is offered by several catering facilities and additional contents can be found on Silba, located only 3 miles from Olib.

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