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Island of Prvic

Island of Prvic, Croatia

Faust Vrancic Memorial Centre exhibits numerous models of his inventions. Source: mc-faustvrancic.com


There are two Adriatic islands that are named Prvic. One is located close to the Island of Krk and the other near Vodice, which is the one we are writing about here. It is located half a nautical mile from mainland and connected to it by regular boat service Sibenik-Zlarin-Prvic-Vodice. According to one legend, it was named after the old Croatian pagan god of spring, Prvina. After another legend, its name is derived from its location, as it is the first/closest larger island to mainland in the Sibenik Archipelago. First larger settlement of the island was established at the time people from mainland fled
Island of Prvic, Croatia

Typical island setting: Prvic Sepurine, Church of St. Helena, stone houses with apartments and fishing boats. Source: otokprvic.info


from the Turks and founded Prvic Luka, and the second wave of settlement occurred somewhat later when they fled Srima to establish the village of Prvic Sepurine. Aristocrats from Sibenik built their villas and summer houses here, including the famous Sibenik family Draganic-Vrancic. In the 15th century it is also inhabited by Glagolitic friars and the construction of the Church of St. Mary of Mercy with the monastery is started. Faust Vrancic, a scientist, linguist, inventor of homo volans (flying man - precursor of the modern parachute). Life and work of Faust Vrancic are presented in the
Island of Prvic, Croatia

Idyllic evening walk through Prvic Luka can be short or long (all the way to Prvic Sepurine). Source: guide-croatia.com


Faust Vrancic Memorial Centre that was opened in 2012 in Prvic Luka. There are no vehicles on the island, and two fishermen's villages (Luka and Sepurine) are connected by a 700m long road. If we add to that the length of the place, we get over 3 kilometers of walking trails. Centuries old stone houses were built in a row, with common walls, as this was the way to save on expensive stone that was transported from the nearby Island of Tijat. It is almost impossible to find such preserved town centers in this day and age, and Island of Prvic is included on the list of Protected Cultural Heritage. Accommodation is offered by Hotel Maestral on the Island of Prvic, as well as private apartments and rooms. The island has several restaurants, pizzerias and coffee shops. Folk festival of Our Lady of Angels is held at Prvic Luka, celebration of St. Roko in Sepurine, and regatta Burtiz with traditional boats with Latin sails (latinsko idro) is held at the end of the summer. (Except for the here the offered accommodation, additional apartments on the Island of Prvic can be found on the website InfoAdriatic.com).

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