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North Velebit NP

North Velebit NP, Croatia

Rozanski kukovi are a popular destination among speleologists due to their deep pits. Source: speleologija.hr


North Velebit National Park is the most recent Croatian National Park. It was declared a National Park so that the most attractive and most valuable nature of north Velebit would be protected. The north part of this largest Croatian mountain has a very rich flora and fauna with many endemic species and specific geological phenomena in a small area. Its geographical location enables nature enthusiasts to experience the littoral, continental and mountain plant and animal world, and the fact that Velebit is one of the four Croatian endemic centers additionally attracts connoisseurs and amateur
North Velebit NP, Croatia

Visit Zavizan, the highest meteorological station in Croatia and the nearby botanical garden. Source: pdgraficar.hr


nature enthusiasts. Along with that, the presence of bears, wolves and bobcats testifies to the exceptional preservation of the ecosystem. North Velebit may attract a large number of adventurists, due to its numerous karst forms: kukovi, sinkholes, caves and pits. Hajducki and Rozanski kukovi strict reserves have been included among the most interesting speleological sites in the world, and Lukina jama (pit) is among the deepest pits in the world with its depth of 1421m. All of the above said makes North Velebit a destination for visitors that view vacation as an opportunity to be active and for
North Velebit NP, Croatia

The offer of North Velebit NP: walks, hiking, educational trails, workshops for the youngest visitors. Source: np-sjeverni-velebit.hr


recreation in untouched nature, and those who can recognize and appreciate the beauty of nature. The area of the National Park has over 30 mountain trails that lead to viewpoints, some of which also have a view of the sea. One should mention Premuzic trail, built in drywall that leads to Hajducki and Rozanski kukovi, as well as Veliki Alan that is the most significant mountain pass of Mt. Velebit. Because it is a protected area, National Park has only simple accommodation in mountain lodges Zavizan and Alan. Bedrooms and kitchen are shared and it is recommended to save water and energy, which nature enthusiasts and connoisseurs don't really find that hard to do. Visitors of North Velebit National Park can also find accommodation nearby in Senj, Jablanac, Sveti Juraj, Otocac, and Krasno in rooms that are provided in small hamlets.

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