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Pjescana Uvala

Pjescana Uvala, Croatia

Left: Marina Veruda and Pjescana Uvala, right: Punta Verudela. Source: croatia-holidayandhome.co.uk


Although close to Pula, Pjescana Uvala is a part of Medulin municipality. The settlement was founded at the end of the 20th Century, primarily as a residential place for people from Pula who wanted to escape the city and find their sanctuary close to the sea, and yet not far from Pula. Today, with its numerous apartments, Pjescana Uvala is almost entirely focused on tourism. Uvala is located across from the Punta Verudela tourist resort at the edge of Veruda Bay. It is well protected from the winds. Close to Pjescana Uvala is Marina Veruda, one of the best equipped marinas in Croatia, with mostly Italian, Austrian
Pjescana Uvala, Croatia

Pjescana Uvala: water fun or sunbathing on beach chairs - the choice is yours. Source: panoramio.com


and German guests. On the other side, also close to Pjescana Uvala, is the Friar's Island or Veruda Island, a favorite destination of people from Pula in the summer months. The island was once the site of Franciscan monastery and church, and one can still see the remains of the 17th century cemetery. Pjescana Uvala is dominated by the Church of St. Nicholas the Traveler. Design of the church is modern and it is shaped as a blue and white boat. This village was named after the sandy cove that is located very close to the center of the settlement. Moving further away from the bay, the shore turns into rocky and pebble
Pjescana Uvala, Croatia

Modern Church of St. Nicholas the Traveler shaped like a boat, in Pjescana Uvala. Source: panoramio.com


beaches. In the summer, Pjescana Uvala has many events: Festa od raki (Crab Fest), Igre Sanpjero (St. Pierre's Games) and Pjescana Uvala Night. According to the number of apartments, the bay could've been named Apartment Bay. However, other than accommodation in private rooms and apartments, guests can find accommodation in the famous Valsabbion hotel with a medical spa: swimming pool, fitness, aesthetic medicine, cosmetics and relaxation. Those who enjoy sun will be very pleased with their stay in Pjescana Uvala, as the entire village faces southwest and is bathed in sun throughout the day.

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