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Premantura, Croatia

View of the very end of Istria from the air: village of Premantura and heaven on Earth - Kamenjak Reef. Source: nekretnine365.com


Premantura is the southernmost village in Istria, located approximately ten kilometers from Pula. Premantura was once known for goat cheese, sweet onions and crab catching, and today it is known for tourism, camps and Kamenjak Reef. Almost all houses in the village have been renovated or are newly built. Only the 17th century Church of St. Lovro, the 27 meter tall bell tower, an old oven, and the 19th century Porer lighthouse that is 35m tall still remind of the past. Dinosaur footprints on the Isle of Fenoliga are also a part of the ancient past of this place. Premantura has 4 camps:
Premantura, Croatia

Stupice Camp with 1000 lots, majority of which are located in the pine forest. Source: crotouristguide.com


Runke, Stupice (with trailer houses), Kranjski kamp and Tasalera. There is also a beach that has been adapted for blind persons. Majority of families in Premantura rent one or more apartments in family houses or villas. At the beginning of each November, Premantura holds the Hallowind event - a surfer's meet. However, Kamenjak Reef is what makes Premantura famous outside of Croatia. This protected area is made of 30km of indented coastline, numerous bays and coves, Euro-Mediterranean vegetation zone, over 500 plant species, among which endemic orchids, cave complexes Velika and Mala Kolumbarica
Premantura, Croatia

Unique Safari-bar at Kamenjak, made of natural materials. Source: pula-online.com


(Big and Small Kolumbarica), grazing cows, animal farms, beach bars, most famous of which is the Safari-bar at the very edge of Kamenjak, extremely clean sea, biking and hiking trails, Porer islet and lighthouse that can be rented in the summer, 11 uninhabited islets, rocky shore and pebbled coves with a view of one of the mouse beautiful sunsets. Entrance to Kamenjak is charged, but it is worth every penny. Evidence to this is half a million visitors that come to visit Kamenjak each year. To get to know Kamenjak as well as possible, the centre of Premantura has a House of Nature where one can see an aquarium, a terrarium, photographs, fossils, dinosaur footprints and interactive gadgets.

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