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Pula, Croatia

Excellently protected Pula Bay with Arena, promenade and Uljanik shipyard. Source: en.wikipedia.org


As the largest city in Istria, Pula has the most to offer. This 3000 year old city in the south of Istria has a rich history. There are primarily Antiquity sights: Amphitheater that is better known as the Arena, Twin Gates, Gate of Hercules, Arch of the Sergeii or the Golden Gate, Little Roman Theatre, Augustan Forum and temple and Dirke mosaic. The Communal Palace has integrated several styles, from Antiquity to Baroque. Cathedral was built in the 5th century, but in the course of history it was rebuilt, expanded, burnt to the ground and flooded. Chapel of St. Mary Formosa was built in the
Pula, Croatia

Tourist resort Punta Verudela with hotels, apartments and sports fields. Source: pula-croatia.com


Byzantine Ages (6th century), Church of St. Nicholas belongs to the Early Middle Ages, and Church and Monastery of St. Frances were built in the 14th century. During the Venetian Republic (17th century), a fortress was built and it is currently the location of the Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria. During the Austrian Hungarian Monarchy rule, a fortification system with fortresses, batteries, trenches and underground tunnels was built in Pula, as well as Arsenal (currently Uljanik shipyard), Neoclassicist Admiralty building, Istrian National Theatre, Navy Casino (currently Croatian Veteran's
Pula, Croatia

Pula Forum with the 1st century Augustan temple and the Communal Palace. Source: apartmanidragas.com


Home), hotel Rivijera, farmer's market, Church of Our Lady of the Sea, Naval Cemetery and women's liceo (currently the Faculty of Philosophy). Other than historical sites, the most popular being the 1st century Arena, Pula is also known for various cultural and entertainment events and its beautiful blue sea that surrounds it from three sides. If you should happen to visit this city over the summer, be sure not to miss the Pula Film Festival, the oldest film festival in Croatia and wider. While visiting you can stay in restored hotels Park Plaza Histria and Park Plaza Verudela and hotels Palma, Brioni and Park (in tourist resort Punta Verudela). The offer also includes apartments Splendid and Horizont on Zlatne stijene (Golden Rocks), and it goes without mention that rooms and apartments are also available in private houses. Pula also has a motor camp, Stoja, and Lungomare promenade.

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