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Risnjak NP

Risnjak NP, Croatia

Risnjak Peak and Josip Schlosser Klekovski mountain lodge at the foot of the peak. Source: cro-eu.com


Risnjak is a National Park with the area of 6350ha, located in Gorski Kotar. The highest peak of Risnjak is at the altitude if 1528m. Risnjak is a great climate and vegetation barrier between the littoral and continental parts of Croatia. This National Park has numerous forests and forest communities, sods, meadows and turfs, cliffs and rocks. As far as fauna is concerned, Risnjak has mammals (bobcat, wolf, brown bear), 114 bird species (78 species nest in the park), reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, insects, 89 species of daylight butterflies and fish. National Park was named after the bobcat
Risnjak NP, Croatia

Risnjak National Park: source of River Kupa at the altitude of 321m. Source: discoverdinarides.com


(ris). Bobcat is one of the rarest and most hidden wild animals in Europe. One can rarely ever see it, but it is an important link in the Risnjak ecosystem food chain. Risnjak is one of the rare areas in Croatia where bobcat has survived. National Park visitors can visit the source of River Kupa, walk the Educational trail Leska, climb to the top of Risnjak which can be done by several hiking trails, or climb to the rocky peak of Snjeznik that is surrounded by mountain meadows. The source of River Kupa is one of the strongest and deepest sources in Croatia, and anyone would be enchanted by the
Risnjak NP, Croatia

Educational trail Leska was opened in 1993; it is 4.2km long and has 23 informational boards. Source: risnjak.hr


green-blue lake. The upper flow of Kupa is called the Enchanting Butterfly Valley for its flora and fauna. Active vacation in Risnjak includes: game watching, sports fishing, mountain biking and carriage rides. Those who wish to stay the night in this National Park or stay for a couple of days in nature can find accommodation in Josip Schlosser Klekovski mountain lodge with 43 beds. They can also stay in Pansion NP Risnjak lodging house that is located in the picturesque little mountain village of Crni Lug or apartments and rooms in private houses. Apartments are also available in Delnice, Fuzine or in the villages surrounding Risnjak National Park.

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