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Sisak, Croatia

Old Town of Sisak - fortress that played a decisive role in defense of Croatia against Turks in the 16th century. Source: sisak.info


City in Posavina, at the confluence of Sava and Kupa rivers, Sisak, is more than 2000 years old. From the 5th to the 4th century BC it was known as the Celtic Segestica, in the 1st century as Roman Siscia, in the 4th century the city of the bishop-martyr St. Quirinus, and in the first half of the 9th century as the seat of Duke Ljudevit of Posavina. Sisak fortress played a decisive role in the defense of Croatia against the Turks, and won a battle in the 16th century. In the 18th and the 19th century Sisak developed as the trade and river shipping centre and in the 20th century it became an
Sisak, Croatia

Cathedral of St. Cross from the beginning of the 18th century and next to it one of the hundreds of parks in Sisak. Source: biskupija-sisak.hr


industrial centre. Today, it has about 47,000 inhabitants. It is the administrative, cultural and economic centre of Sisak-Moslavina County. Sisak has a high school and 6 vocational schools, Faculty of Information Technologies, department of the Faculty of Maritime Studies, Faculty of Metallurgy and a College. Metallurgy, chemical, wood processing, leather, textile, construction and food industries are developed in Sisak. It has an oil refinery and a thermal power plant. It is the largest river port and the centre of river shipping. The most visited sites are: Old Town, Mali kaptol Palace,
Sisak, Croatia

Traditional Celtic Night in Sisak: Druids are handing out the magic potion. Source: dalmacijanews.com


Cathedral of St. Cross, Roman archeological remains, Veliki kaptol Palace, synagogue (currently music school), City Museum and Ethnology Park. The most popular events are: Knight's Tournament, International Festival of Children's Theatre Maslacak, Celtic Night - historical portrait on the Kupa River rafts, Sisak Flower Festival, Old-timer Rally. Sisak also has a famous band called The Bambi Molesters. Sisak has some 70 athletic associations, numerous sports fields, beach on Kupa River, with developed fishing and hunting on Turopolje and Posavina hunting grounds. Soccer club Segestija is the oldest soccer club in Croatia. In the area of Sisak one should definitely visit Petrinja and Hrvatska Kostajnica, Topusko health resort, Jasenovac, Lonj Field Nature Park and the Church of St. Mary of Snow in Kutina. Accommodation is available at hotel Panonija, boarding houses, rural households and apartments. Sisak has 11 apartments, 3 pizzerias, 2 pastry shops, 1 porterhouse, some 10 coffee shops and about 10 night clubs.

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