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Slano, Croatia

Village of Slano in its natural bay with rich vegetation and accommodation capacities. Source: mediteran.cz


Slano is located in a 2km long bay facing the Island of Sipan, 62km from the Cilipi airport. It is a village with 550 residents who focus on traditional activities such as growing olives, vine and tobacco, collecting healing plants, fishing, and of course, tourism. Due to the natural protection of the bay and the surrounding hills and its favorable climate, Slano has been inhabited since the ancient times. This is witnessed by the remains of the Castrum - a Roman military camp on Gradina Hill above Slano and old Christian sarcophagi in front of the Franciscan church in the village. In 1399, Slano
Slano, Croatia

Hotel Admiral, destroyed in the Homeland War, was rebuilt into what is currently Admiral Grand Hotel. Source: mymotels.com


became a part of the Ragusa Republic and thus has a duke's castle. Its natural position has made it an important harbor of the Ragusa Republic with two shipyards. Slano is a home to famous families such as Ohmucevic and Tasovcic that birthed generations of seafarers who sailed the world. Said families also have their own altars that have been preserved and have endured all the turmoil this village has seen throughout history. The altars are located in the Church of St. Geronimo. Slano has a five-star hotel Admiral and a three-star hotel Osmine, camps and numerous apartments. Private accommodation (rooms and
Slano, Croatia

Pebble beach in Slano, waterfront and the church in the pine wood in the background. Source: croatia-hotels-apartments.com


apartments) is available along the bay. Popular restaurants are Grguric, Kolarin and Maestral tavern. Save for restaurants and hotels, Slano offers plenty of recreational activities, such as tennis, biking and beach volley. This quiet bay is a great place for sailboats and yachts, while larger crafts can anchor at the entrance to the bay, seen as the Island of Sipan provides protection against the open sea, with islets of Misnjak, Golec, Crkvina and Tajan in front of it. These are all untouched nature oases that provide one with unforgettable experience of true beauty.

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