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Starigrad, Senj, Croatia

View of Starigrad and the sea from the hill. Church of St. Jacob is located in the centre. Source: apartmanija.hr


Starigrad - a village at the foot of Mt. Velebit, 27km from Senj. It is a typical north-Adriatic littoral village with traces that date back to Roman times. On the hill above the village, one can see the remains of a medieval fortress. Church of St. Jacob, built in the harbor in 1772, is one of the sites that should definitely be singled out. Preserved historical and cultural heritage can be seen along paths that lead to the remains of the Chapel of St. Helena, the walls of a Roman fortress and the neighboring places. These walking trails are a part of interesting activities offered by Starigrad
Starigrad, Senj, Croatia

There are a great number of hidden coves that cannot be accessed from the mainland. In the background one can see the typical example of drywall. Source: forum.crometeo.hr


and its surroundings. Not only do they contribute to the physical activity of visitors, but they present them with the special characteristics of this area. With the typical Mediterranean vegetation, maquis shrubland and rocky ground, one should also mention drywall construction that is the result of specific Mediterranean conditions. Extremely strong northern wind, bura, which takes on hurricane proportions during the winter, has made the residents of this area adjust to modest living conditions and coexistence with nature. Of course, the nature of this area is enchanting. The view
Starigrad, Senj, Croatia

View of Gradina from the sea. Local cemetery is found right by the sea. Source: forum.crometeo.hr


reaches all the way to Rab and Goli Otok, and in the background, at the altitude of 1600m one can se Zavizan. These two geographic characteristics are the result of freshwater sources in the sea, attracting some wild animals such as deer, roe and rabbits, which are rather unusual to see in the coastal area. To preserve the autochthony and charm of Starigrad, visitors can stay in private apartments where tranquility is guaranteed, far from the crowds and the rush. Due to small accommodation capacities, tourists can relax in discreet surroundings, and those who are able to tour the area by boat will not regret it. We will highlight only the nice Grbacka Bay which is located right behind the Roman Gradina.

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