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Sveti Lovrec

Sveti Lovrec, Croatia

Loggia that is connected to the parish church wall, pillar of shame and bell tower in Sveti Lovrec. Source: istra.hr


Sveti Lovrec is a village located in the Porec and Vrsar hinterland, in western Istria. This is one of the best preserved fortified medieval Istrian cities. The village was named after the 8th century Church of St. Lovre, located at the local cemetery. St. Lovrec is located on a small hill and is of circular shape. This was the location of a fortress in prehistoric times. Majority of the walls, ramparts and fortifications that can be seen today were built during the Venetian Republic when St. Lovrec was the military command seat of the Venetian part of Istria. At the entrance to the village
Sveti Lovrec, Croatia

Concentric circle shape of Sveti Lovrec settlement originated in the prehistoric times. Source: tzpazin.hr


still stand the Grand Door adorned with crescents and Venetian symbol - lion of St. Mark holding a closed book, which is the sign that the doors were built in turbulent times of war. The paved Placi Square is the site of a loggia and the stone Pillar of Shame. The three-aisled Church of St. Martin holds partially preserved and successfully restored oldest frescoes in Istria, dating back to 11th century. Only the stone city cistern, adorned by crescents and the character of St. Lovre, is preserved from what was once the communal palace. St. Lovre is the protector of the village that can be
Sveti Lovrec, Croatia

Stone gate with crescents of Grimani and Moro families and the lion of St. Mark with the closed book. Source: un.int


recognized by the grill, which is a part of the official Sveti Lovrec Municipality crescent. Sveti Lovrec also has two towers: a tetragonal tower Funtanela and a triangular tower. Near the parish church stands a bell tower, with its former doors that are now walled off. Sveti Lovrec municipality consists of 23 settlements. Only Sveti Lovrec is an urban settlement, while all other settlements are typical rural settlements. Although Sveti Lovrec is not located by the sea, it definitely benefits from tourism due to its proximity to Porec-Vrsar Riviera and Lima Strait. Guests often look for accommodation in the hinterland of these tourist destinations, seen as this is the best formula for true vacation. Sveti Lovrec municipality, therefore, has many accommodation capacities, apartments and vacation houses. Moreover, apartments in Sveti Lovrec and its surroundings are often located in rustic villas with swimming pools.

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