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Vinkuran, Croatia

Vinkuran, a village near Pula with the bay and Forest Park Soline. Source: croatiaholidayshr.com


Vinkuran is a small village located only 4km from Pula, between Pjescana Uvala (Sand Bay) and Banjole. Residents of Vinkuran used to be focused on fishing and today they are increasingly focusing on tourism. As a result, they have built a large number of apartments intended for guests. Almost all houses carry apartment rental signs. The beach and bay of Soline in Vinkuran is ideal for nature enthusiasts who enjoy tranquility, as the pine forest protects it from the wind and creates great shade at the same time. Soline Hill near Vinkuran has been categorized as Forest Park in 1996. Black oak grows in
Vinkuran, Croatia

Cave Romane quarry. Arena in Pula was built from stone blocks from this quarry. Source: panoramio.com


the area of the Forest Park Soline, which is a rare occurrence on the coast of Istria. A 1.3km long educational and recreational trail passes through the Forest Park. The information on educational boards introduces visitors to the biological value of Soline. Romans used to live in the area of Vinkuran, evidence of which is found in the quarry Cave Romane close to the village. The stone of Vinkuran used to be widely known and it was also used in the construction of Arena in Pula. Today, the quarry is used by experienced free climbers and those who are still learning to free climb, and in the
Vinkuran, Croatia

Forest Park Soline with educational tables and benches is located by the sea. Source: kamenjak.hr


summer months it is the site of the sculpting academy. A prehistoric fortress from the time of Histra was found in Vintijan, a village near Vinkuran. Visitors are recommended to go diving, as the underwater landscape of Vinkuran is very attractive due to its underwater caves and nearby islands. In the summer, tourists and locals can both have fun in the traditional folk celebrations - Vinkuran Night and St. Pierre's Games and they can also visit Vinkuran harbor during the Rotonda Days with the exhibition of paintings, ceramics and handmade items. Vinkuran is great for all those who wish to relax far from the tourist crowds and at the same time be close to popular tourist destinations.

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