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Vodnjan, Croatia

The 14th century Gothic style city palace of Bettica at the National Square in Vodnjan. Source: 7maslina.net


Vodnjan is located only 11 kilometers north of Pula. Although not as advertised as Motovun, Vodnjan hides many interesting things. Vodnjan prides itself for being the youngest town in Istria and for having the highest Istrian bell tower (62 meters). Close to the bell tower there is a large Church of St. Blaise - the protector of the town. This is where the mummified bodies of three saints are preserved: St. Leon Bembo, St. Giovanni Olini and St. Nicolos Bursa, as well as parts of bodies of St. Sebastian and St. Barbara. Church of St. Blaise is the home to 370 relics from 250 saints. The historic core of
Vodnjan, Croatia

The highest bell tower in Istria and triple aisle Church of St. Blaise with many preserved mummies and relics. Source: ipress.hr


Vodnjan preserved its medieval appearance with its narrow streets. Walking through these streets one can recognize the Gothic-Venetian, Renaissance and Baroque style and the 14th century city palace of Bettica is certainly something you should pause for. Wider area of Vodnjan is known for its drywall and "kazuni" or stone houses that still stand as a witness to old times. Vodnjan people have always worked as winegrowers and olive growers and Vodnjan is well-known for its high quality olive oil. This is why the New Olive Oil Days are organized in Vodnjan every September. Vodnjan is also located
Vodnjan, Croatia

Istrian kazun (stone house) in Vodnjan area served as shelter to shepherds and farmers. Source: ss-ekonomska-pu.skole.hr


at the intersection of important roads, in a way connecting the continental (green) and littoral (blue) Istria. The highway called the Istrian Y passes through Vodnjan, as well as regional roads - one from the direction of Lima Bay-Bale and the other from Pazin-Zminj-Svetvincenat, while the Fazana road in the length of 5 kilometers connects it to the sea. If we look at the aerial view of Vodnjan municipality (Google Maps), hundreds of arable plots will remind us of honeycomb. This arable land has numerous villages: Gajana, Cukrici, Jursici, Butkovici and many others. Other than Vodnjan, these villages also offer accommodation in apartments, vacation houses and villas with swimming pools to all those who wish peace, quiet and green surroundings.

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