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Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb Cathedral and Archdiocese Complex, the old Zagreb centre. Source: zagrebonline.hr


Zagreb - the capital of Croatia - is located at the intersection of major roads on the southern slopes of Mt. Medvednica and the bank of River Sava. Although the traces of first humans in this area are approximately 30,000 years old, the first permanent settlements were founded in the 4th century BC with the arrival of Celts. The Roman river port Andautonia was founded in the 1st century and in the 9th century the first Croatian settlement of Zagreb is established. In the 10th century, settlement of Gradec was formed on the neighboring hill. From 1094, Zagreb developed as the city of bishops. Neighboring
Zagreb, Croatia

Peak of Mt. Medvednica - Sljeme - popular excursion site among people in Zagreb, during all seasons and especially in the winter. Source: sljeme.hr


Gradec, settlement of craftsmen and merchants, a Free Royal City from the 13th century, became the political centre of Croatia, due to frequent meetings of aristocrats that were held here. In mid-19th century, settlements were united in the Free Royal City of Zagreb. Today, Zagreb has 790,017 inhabitants, equaling 1/6 of the entire population of Croatia. It is the main political and administrative centre, the strongest industrial, trade and economic centre, important cultural centre with the 300 year old university. Together with the old, mostly Baroque Classicistic city core, nice parks and gardens,
Zagreb, Croatia

Arena-Zagreb, handball courts that were built for the European Handball Championship in 2007. Source: archdaily.com


Zagreb has 25 museums, 65 galleries and art collections, 19 theatres and 3 concert halls. Zagreb has too many events, exhibits, and various types of concerts, literary meets, folklore festivals, fairs, and others, to number all. Still, here are some: Floraart, Musical Biennale, Cest is the Best, Eurokaz, Histrion Summer, Animafest, International Zagreb Fair, etc. Zagreb is the host of many congresses, seminars and professional gatherings. It is known for numerous sports clubs and modern sports fields and facilities. Zagreb is the location of many international competitions, such as: Univerzijada, European Handball Championship, Golden Pirouette, Snow Queen, etc. The large number of visitors also demands a rich selection of tourist facilities, including accommodation, hotels and apartments. Zagreb has 46 hotels, 22 hostels and a large number of private accommodation units (rooms and apartments) where you will certainly be drawn to stay longer than a day, to explore at least a little part of Zagreb.

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